Take an Extended Family RV Trip to The Far Green Country

If you have the itch to take an extended family RV trip but aren’t sure if full-time RV life is for you, a new documentary called “The Far Green Country� might be a fun way to find out.
RV Documentary Explores the Ups and Downs of an Extended Family Road Trip
Take a road trip with the Pyke family.
Adulting is hard. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to find your way back to the life you crave. That’s exactly what thirty-something Eli and his wife Kelly did when they hit a rough patch in their marriage.
Two troubadours at heart, the young Oregon residents yearned to reconnect to their mutual love of nature and each other. To do it, they bought a second-hand, twenty-year-old motorhome. Then they rented their house, packed up their toddler son Dakota and dog Tassie for a two-year extended family RV trip. The result is an eye-catching 70-minute chronicle of their newbie RVer adventures.
Kelly, Dakota and Eli Pyke
From the moment they left their home state, their goal was to have fun. A full-length documentary was not on their minds. Eli and Kelly both have movie and television industry backgrounds, but opening their lives to the world wasn’t on the agenda. Saving their marriage came first.
Bringing Out the Gypsy in Everyone
“My wife and I have both worked on a reality TV show together in our youth (me as a cameraman, her as a medic),â€� explains Eli. “But, no, we weren’t planning to make a film, nor would we have wanted the intrusion of a camera crew.”
But the more they traveled, the idea of capturing their adventure became appealing. Eli and Kelly took a DIY approach to the project. “Thanks to some great technology (including the good ‘ole iPhone), filmmaking these days is much less about the technology and

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