Learn Overlanding Basics and Beyond at The Overland Rallies

Tent camping and RVing may seem like worlds apart. But if you know overlanding basics, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The Overland Rallies in Washington, British Columbia and Colorado are a great way to get started.
Blending the Best of Tenting with RVing in the Outback
Four wheel drive camper vans are popular overlanding vehicles.
My husband and I assumed our wilderness adventures were over when we traded our trusty backpacks for a comfy RV. Little did we know that we could enjoy the best of solitary wilderness, with comfortable camping in the outback. The rugged four-wheel drive home on wheels style known as an “overlander” is how we’ll get there.
Some overland vehicles carry all the toys.
Overlanding is about going beyond the confines of a predictable campground. According to OutdoorX4 magazine, the definition of overlanding is as follows:
Think of overland travel as blending a road trip with backpacking: traveling that is as much about the journey as it is the destination, and for which the traveler is wholly self-sufficient and capable of overcoming all expected, reasonable challenges that may arise while exploring remote backcountry areas.
A variety of vehicles can be used to support overland travel including dual-sport motorcycles, unmodified all-wheel drive vehicles, 4WD “adventure� vans, trucks, SUVs, and even modified, medium-duty platforms.
Learning Overlanding Basics and Beyond
The Overland Rallies teach backcountry travel skills.
The Overland Rallies are action-packed, hands-on outdoor classrooms. According to overlanding fans, the vibe is far more intimate and less intimidating than the massive, twice-yearly Overland Expo production in Arizona and North Carolina.
AT Overland founder Mario Donovan teaches rig building considerations.
British Columbia, Washington State and now Western Colorado host the rallies each summer. They’re a must-do destination if you have an interest in rugged, off-pavement adventures far from the predictability of RV parks and campgrounds. Every event is a

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