Check out the VisionVenture #VanLife Concept RV

The RV industry is responding faster than ever to the latest camping trends. Take the latest concept vehicle, the VisionVenture #VanLife concept RV.
The concept RV you’ll want for your own camper van.
Created by Europe’s biggest RV manufacturer, Erwin Hymer, this high tech camper van just made a debut at Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, one of the world’s biggest RV trade shows.
What Makes the VisionVenture #VanLife Concept RV So Different
The VisionVenture has four-wheel drive for go-anywhere van camping.
Like many four-wheel drive camper vans, the VisionVenture sits atop a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. But that’s where the similarities end.
Partly inspired by #VanLife DIY enthusiasts like Matt Cullens of Alaska Vans, the Erwin Hymer designers took the best of home hacks and incorporated them into high-tech must-haves like:
Exterior Van Design Features
The BASF high-tech body paint keeps it cool inside and out.
Notice how the huge windscreen is shifted further forward for better aerodynamics. And the exterior green paint isn’t just pretty; it was created by the BASF company to regulate the surface temperature. The paint will cool the van’s surface temperature by 68°F (20°C), and cool the interior by up to 39°F (4°C).
Outer walls are insulating and can be inflated with hot or cold air.
Perhaps one of the best features is the roof. The top is covered in solar panels and the rooftop sleeping quarter walls are inflatable, allowing campers to fill the honeycomb-design pockets with air to heat or cool the space in less than a minute. The roof-top open-air patio gives it a roomier feel.
All the high-tech exterior features are only the beginning. The interior living area feels more like a split-level home than the typical camper van.
Interior Van Design Features
The VisionVenture interior was inspired by popular #VanLife DIY hacks.
The back door windows let in more light and scenery then the typical camper van.

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