Keystone Insane Concept RV Reveal and Updates

Three weeks after the Keystone Insane Concept RV reveal kicked off, the RV interior renovation guru Cortni Armstrong (aka The Flippin Nomad) is fully immersed in an innovative, one-of-a-kind concept fifth wheel interior design project. If you haven’t seen the Flippin Nomad’s project, here’s what you’ve been missing.
Kicking off the Keystone Insane Concept RV reveal.
Did you miss the Flippin Nomad Keystone kickoff video? Watch it first, then return here and scroll for more progress.
The Keystone Insane Concept RV reveal. Photo by Cortni Armstrong.
As full-time RVers, Cortni and her three-person team (one of which includes her mom) know what they want in RV interior living spaces. For this first of its kind industry project, the team is taking a hot-off-the-assembly-line Keystone Montana fifth wheel and gutting it. The goal is to transform the rig into a modern, stunningly beautiful RV interior. The team has been at it for four weeks.
Concept RV Project Update Week Two
Keystone left out some major components when manufacturing this dream fifth wheel. Flooring, furniture, window treatments and other interior design details were omitted to make it easier for the Flippin Nomad team’s renovations.
The new interior is being redesigned one small section at a time. The front bedroom area construction zone is underway, and the new design will gradually transition to the rear living room.
The real head turner is going to be the bathroom. “It will be the most insane and extreme RV bathroom you have ever seen!” says Cortni. The renovations are happening off-camera and include two wall treatments to turn the RV bathroom from ordinary into a luxury spa experience.

Concept RV Project Update Week Three
Most fifth wheel RV bedrooms are built with the same bed and wardrobe layout. But not the Flippin Nomad RV. Cortni’s team has removed the existing wardrobe and headboard in order to

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