Full-time RVing Artist Creates Woolen Landscape Medicine on the Road

Many RV travelers who become immersed in nature’s rich landscapes feel compelled to create great art. Nobody knows this better than the full-time RVing artist. Some paint or draw, others make jewelry and the rest find other means to fuel their creative passions, like Eloïse Sentito.
Eloise Sentito of These Isles
As a nomadic handweaver, living on the road fueled her natural talent for creating earth-friendly clothing accessories, blankets and rugs. And she did it from inside a little retro motorhome that ferried her around the most scenic, storybook lands of the United Kingdom.
Eloïse Sentito is founder of These Isles, a showcase filled with her handmade magical wearables. Along with her beloved late Deerhound Murphy and a manual weaving loom, the English artist meandered in her motorhome for four adventurous years while creating one-of-a-kind hand crafted masterpieces for appreciative buyers from around the world.
The late Murphy, with rug by Eloise Sentito of These Isles
During her years on the road, the now-stationary artist relished a back-to-the-earth boondocking lifestyle that provided the solitude and visual candy any artist craves for inspiration.
Meandering the UK as a Full-time RVing Artist
Curious about how a weaver managed to make it as a full-time RV artist selling in a global marketplace, I interviewed Eloïse via email, who replied with the following answers. Not wanting to disturb the rhythmic cadence of her lovely English accent that illuminates her responses, I opted to share our email conversation in a Question and Answer format.
Your RV was just 19-foot/5.7m long, correct? Did it have on-board cooking and bathing facilities?
Correct, and yes. It’s an Autotrail Cherokee caravan built onto a 1989 Mercedes ‘Type 1 van’, the very last of the 208Ds.
The van itself has a solid undercarriage, a superb 2.4 litre engine (after my trusty mechanic replaced the rocker head), a torquey gearbox, a

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