Tips for Building a Custom Overland Camper Dream Machine

Do you miss those camping basics like sleeping under the stars and campfire cooking? With the right RV tow vehicle, you can still have them. Building a custom overland camper as your toad might be the answer.
Overland rigs can be simple or elaborate.
Getting started doesn’t require an expensive, customized high clearance vehicle like this one. But wise pre-planning is smart for any budget. Not sure how to get started? These overland vehicle planning tips can point you in the right direction.
Simple Tips to Build a Custom Overland Camper from Scratch
At the 2019 Rocky Mountain Overland Rally in Colorado, Overland Equipment and Adventure Trailer’s founder Mario Donovan shared his best tips for overland vehicle planning.
Mario Donovan at 2019 Rocky Mountain Overland Rally.
Donovan knows his subject matter well. For over twenty years the company has prepped vehicles and trailers for rugged off-road travel to places around the world. He is well-acquainted with what people love about their overland vehicles, and suggests aspiring overlanders explore a few simple questions before laying out any cash.
What kind of terrain will you explore? Have you considered the kinds of roads you’ll travel?
The best overland camper for you depends on how off-road you want to get. If you think you’ll mostly traverse serious back-country with technical terrain, you will need a beefier vehicle than one that mostly goes on graded fire roads.
Your choice of terrain impacts vehicle choice.
Where will you go?
Think about the places where you want to travel in your overland vehicle, then research the availability of parts and fuel for your dream rig.
If your chosen adventure vehicle is a domestic model and you’re only traveling in the U.S., getting parts probably won’t be an issue. But if you’re dreaming of exploring South America, overlanding in a domestic model might be a problem, depending on your

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