The Magic of Microbes Holding Tank Treatments

You might think yours smells like roses, but all poop stinks. There’s no getting around this smelly fact of RV life but after twelve years full-timing, I’ve finally found a great way to eliminate its offensive odors. From now on, my RV wheels will never turn without the magic of microbes holding tank treatments.
RV Life is Better with Microbes Holding Tank Treatments
We got so tired of a smelly black tank!
Lots of people claim their tanks don’t stink, but I’m not one of them. Allow me to get real and share the gory details about how our holding tank odors got offensively rank when the temperature goes up or the tanks get full, whichever comes first.
How microbes invaded my home.
Like many people, I used to think that holding tanks worked like residential septic systems, which break down solid waste. But wastewater holding tanks have always been nothing more than a box where liquid and solid waste was get stored until the RV was taken to a sanitary dump station. Once connected with a hose, the RV holding tank’s contents get emptied put into a real septic system.
Towing all that poop around is stinky business without an effective holding tank treatment. Some people say they don’t use any treatments at all and smell no odors. How I envy their olfactory myopia. In our RV, holding tank odors are as real as that burrito I ate last night. Despite our fastidious attention to holding tank maintenance, on warm or windy days black tank odors can sometimes infiltrate into our living room area.
We often wondered why this happens and all we can think of is that our black tank is placed directly below the toilet, which allows odors to escape through the flange. It also doesn’t help that one of our ceiling vents is

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