Rolling with Winnebago for a new Family RV Documentary

When Eli and Kelly Pyke happily sold the used motorhome that ferried them through the creation of their family RV documentary  “The Far Green Country,� their full-time RV life went on permanent hiatus. They had no idea that soon they would hold the keys to a brand new Winnebago Adventurer 29B.
Eli and Kelly Pyke are now Winnebago brand ambassadors.
But that’s exactly what happened when the Oregon couple was asked to become brand ambassadors on another epic road trip. And this time, things look much different for the family.
New Winnebago, new road life for the Pykes
When Winnebago offered the Pykes the opportunity to become brand representatives, it came as a delightful yet unexpected surprise. Just as their family life at home nailed down all new routines, everything was about to get turned upside down. They were excited to do another trip, but leaving didn’t come as easy this time around explains Eli.
“We had just made a great treehouse for the kids, and with them being even more connected with family and friends, there were mixed feelings about whether they wanted to do another year on the road. However, once we got into the national parks and started seeing bears, going fishing, and meeting friends along the way, they were excited – almost ecstatic – to be a part of another great adventure!”
Eli, Dakota, Isabelle and Kelly
As they travel coast-to-coast in the shiny new rig, Eli and Kelly’s RV life is much different this time. For starters, their son Dakota now has sister Isabelle along for the ride. When presented with the idea of a year-long road trip, their daughter was very keen on the idea, says Eli. “I think we’d watched The Far Green Country so many times as a family that little sister wanted to make a movie of her

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