Is Your RV Zombie Apocalypse Proof?

All it takes is one natural disaster, wildfire or other severe weather outbreak to ruin your next camping trip, or your life. Think about it: what if you were camping and suddenly faced evacuation orders, like the tens of thousands of California wildfire victims had to do recently? When the order is given to flee, is your RV zombie apocalypse proof?
When the zombies burn down the forest, will your RV be ready?
How to Make Your RV Zombie Apocalypse Proof
This article isn’t meant to be sensationalist. More than once I’ve had to escape a frightening force of nature, only it wasn’t zombies chasing us, it was nature. Most recently, we fled a wildfire. Here’s what I learned.
One day my husband and I were enjoying our mountain cabin retreat, and the next a power line transformer caught fire and launched us into hell. Dry beetle-kill pine trees exploded into flames as we fled down a bumpy mountain road with only our dog, truck and fifth wheel.
We hardly had time to pack anything more than our “important documents� box, computers, cell phones and wallets. When we made it down the mountain to safety, I realized that our RV was lacking any sort of provisions. No sheets, no food, no water in our tanks.
Keep your RV stocked or you may not have time to fill it during emergencies.
Sure, we had shelter and a bed, but because I emptied the RV when we moved into the cabin for summer, there was nothing else to survive on if things got worse. From that moment on I vowed to make my RV zombie apocalypse proof.
Don’t Be Caught Empty Handed
When the biggest Northern California wildfire in history ignited recently, many residents fled in their RVs. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a number of them ended up at

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