Rynobus RV is a Wild Life Party on Wheels

The Rynobus RV proves that you just never know what you can do with an old school bus. What was once a road tripper’s beloved skooklie is now an eye-popping metal art car and social lounge with the fastest deployable mobile performance platform ever constructed.
The Rynobus is totally road worthy.
Like father, like son: meet the Rynobus RV creators
It all started when a Seattle diesel mechanic listed his beloved Skoolie conversion for sale on Craig’s List. The International Bluebird School Bus was already a home on wheels. Now, all it needed was a dedicated owner to give it a second life. John and Jack Lipke were up to that challenge, and transformed the skoolie into an instantly recognizable, show-stopping art car.
Rynobus creators Jack (son) and John (dad) Lipke
An Amazing Rynobus RV Skoolie Conversion
John Lipke is half of the brains behind this unconventional skoolie that bears an uncanny resemblance to a rhinoceros. He’s a retired engineer and lifetime tinkerer, a trait that he handed down to his son, Jack.
Rynobus RV Skoolie Conversion
“My father is a lifelong builder and tinkerer, living independent and nearly off-grid, having designed countless electronic products and does woodworking and metal work for fun,” explains Jack. “I initially went to school for vehicle engineering, finished with an art degree, and worked in the video game industry before winding up in video event production at music festivals. The Rynobus is a big mix-up of all these experiences and interests.”
They reimagined a skoolie and turned it into a party stage.
Jack bought the skoolie simply to take it RVing to Burning Man. Today it’s so much more. “The day after I got the bus, I was already drawing plans to build a stage-style art car. I endlessly photoshopped pictures of the base bus into ideas of how to do this. My friends,

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