Mobile Towing Scale is SEMA’s Other Great Gift for RVers!

Bumper pull trailer and fifth wheel owners like myself are all too familiar with the uncertainties of ownership. Trailer weights and brake controller setup hassles are just two. But now, a new mobile trailer towing scale takes the guesswork out of RV driving for trailer owners. Motorhome drivers can also benefit from it. And at just $99, the CURT BetterWeigh towing innovation makes a great holiday gift for RVers.
CURT BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale Stands Out at SEMA
CURT’s mobile towing scale won big at SEMA. Image: CURT
Even before we knew that this innovative RV gadget racked up the Best New Exterior Product Award at SEMA, the CURT BetterWeigh mobile towing scale stopped us in our tracks of the ginormous event.
As full-time RVing fifth wheel owners for the last twelve years, we’ve had our share of brake controller setup issues that delay our hitch up routines and give us that uneasy feeling when driving down the highway.
We knew that CURT supplies towing products and USA-made custom-fit trailer hitches. But what we were about to discover was that the Wisconsin-based company just launched a plug-and-play mobile towing scale that takes the guesswork out of RV or commercial trailer towing. In the second part of our SEMA Holiday Gifts for RVers, we’ll show you why the product won the respect of SEMA award judges.
A Plug-and-Play RV Weight Management System
Your RV scale is in this little box. Image: CURT
The smartphone compatible, Bluetooth enabled device plugs into a vehicle’s diagnostic port (OBD-II) below the steering wheel to measure real-time weights of your vehicle and trailer, cargo, tongue weight, pin weight, and weight distribution. BetterWeigh also calculates trailer brake gain to take the trial-and-error process away from the brake controller setup.
Other than during the initial installation, you won’t need an Internet connection for the product to work.

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