Portable Power System is a Garage-on-the-Go

Whether you’re a part-time RVer or full-timer, if you have a towable RV you’ll want to check out a new portable power system for trucks. The CIC Powerbox  lets you take takes mission-critical garage tools wherever you travel.
A Portable Power System for Trucks and the RVers Who Love Them
The CIC Powerbox (image: cicpowerboxstore.com)
When we stumbled upon this portable power system toolbox at the Las Vegas SEMA Show, our first thought was: it’s like carrying a garage in your tow vehicle tool box!
We weren’t far off the mark. The CIC Powerbox is like an all-in-one portable garage that lets you carry a generator, air compressor and heavy duty jump start system in your tow vehicle’s toolbox.

115V AC Electric Power
125 PSI Air Power
12 & 24 Volt Jump Start
2,100 Cranking Amp

Made in America by a Kansas-based family of engineering geeks, this portable power system comes in several configurations depending on your vehicle and power supply needs. Vice President Morgan Windsor explains:

With the basic 12v Crossover Model starting at $3,999 there’s no doubt that this garage-on-the-go is a sizeable investment. But for the RVer who travels into the rugged outback destinations of North America, it’s one of the best insurance policies you can buy when you’re stranded by the side of the road.
Portable Power System Basic Features and Specs
It’s hard to believe that you can carry all this in your tow truck. But if yours can handle the added 300 pounds of weight, you’ll carry along features like:
Built-in Air Compressor System

4 CFM oil-less air compression system
125 PSI Air Power / 90 PSI Recycle
3-gallon built-in non-rusting air reserve tank
Auxiliary air coupler for spare tank connection for more air volume and condensation dispersion
Air pressure gauge with adjustable airflow dial
Pop off air-release valve
Built-In 25’ retractable 3/8� Air Hose, 300 PSI max with air coupler
1 male and 1

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