Everyone’s Flippin’ Over Keystone Insane RV Concept Reveal

The Flippin’ Nomad’s recent Keystone Insane RV concept reveal shows that no matter how crazy your RV interior design dreams might be, anything is possible.
Cortni Armstrong, The Flippin’ Nomad, on her Keystone Insane RV Concept Reveal Day. Image: Keystone RV
Check Out the Keystone Insane RV Concept Reveal
Have you been following along with the Flippin’ Nomad’s Insane RV build-out? It’s finally over! Earlier this month, The Flippin’ Nomad and Keystone revealed what is perhaps the most insane RV dream machine ever built.
Keep in mind that this is only a concept rig. It will never go into production, but it shows what’s possible when you get a creative RV interior designer and over $90,000 in sponsors on-board to create a luxury dream rig.
The RV entertainer’s dream rig! Image: Keystone RV
“A concept RV is all about showing what’s possible, and pushing the limits – but not necessarily what’s practical, which is why it will not be mass produced,” wrote a company representative on the Keystone Facebook Insane RV Reveal post.
Check out the Insane Concept RV Interior
Here is RV interior renovation guru Cortni Armstrong (aka The Flippin Nomad) at the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana, where she kicked off the big reveal.


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And now a look at the exterior


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Features of the Insane RV Concept Rig
The unit is a brand new shell for a Montana 3791RD. Fresh off the production line, Keystone’s vendor partners helped Armstrong outfit the rig with state-of-the-art tech and luxuries.
On the practical side, it included enough solar power to run air conditioners, microwave power and other electric appliances:

Four, 1600 watt

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