New App Helps Find Accessible Campgrounds and Destinations

If you are able-bodied, you don’t notice how tough it is to find accessible campgrounds and other fun destinations until you travel with a person who has mobility impairments. A new smartphone app called iAccess Life wants to change that.
How to Find Accessible Campgrounds (and help others do the same!)
A new app wants to help people with mobility impairments find accessible campgrounds. Image:
In the United States, the Americans with Disabilities Act is supposedly the law. But when you travel, it doesn’t take long to see that America’s beautiful outdoor destinations often lack the accessibility features for a person with mobility impairments.
The National Park System is one of the few outdoor destinations where you can be confident that handicapped ramps and facilities exist. In some places you can even rent off-road track chairs for wheelchair users. But aside from these few destinations, finding accessible campgrounds, trails and other outdoor activities is a crapshoot. That’s where iAccess Life comes in.
iAccess Life is a user-driven lifestyle app.
The lifestyle mobile application was founded by Brandon Winfield, a wheelchair user since the age of fourteen, when a motocross accident left him paralyzed from the mid-chest down. In an article for, he explains why he wants to become the for people with mobility impairments.
“What if you could know before you go? Would you take more chances, would you try something new? I personally feel that every day as a wheelchair user can be a test of your comfort zone. For some (even myself at times), I feel that this can be a hindrance on how we go through life. Sometimes it’s easier to have a plan and to know what you are getting yourself into before you show up somewhere.
Winfiled (left) with co-founder Sayeed Mehrjerdian.
Users Make iAccess Life a Reality
iAccess Life is a

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