The AutoCamp Airstream Experience Goes National

There’s no doubt about it: the shiny silver bullets are beautiful. But what’s it like to camp in one? If you’ve ever wanted to find out, the AutoCamp Airstream experience is one way to try before buying.
AutoCamp Russin River Valley, California. Image: Johnie Gall
Their elegance and style is reminiscent of something that Steve Jobs might have designed. But to those of us who’ve never owned one, it’s natural to question the Airstream trailers’ high ticket price. Is it really worth the cost? Now there’s a way to find out, without the expense of actually buying one.
The AutoCamp Airstream Experience Goes National
All of the fun of Airstream camping, without the hassles. Image: Johnie Gall
AutoCamp wants to make it easy for people to experience the outdoors–and get the ultimate Airstream experience in the process. In California and now, Cape Cod, the company has built high end, stylish “outdoor hotels” with Airstream suites, luxury camping tents and swanky clubhouses.
You’ll find AutoCamp in prime outdoorsy destinations like Santa Barbara, California’s Russian River Valley, Yosemite National Park and most recently, Cape Cod. A surge of investment money late last year is positioning the company to expand to more locations across North America and eventually, the world.
Tin Can Tourists Inspire a Luxury Brand
Watch for more Airstream experience destinations in the future. Image: AutoCamp
AutoCamp Santa Barbara is the company’s first location. It’s located on an iconic piece of California coastline real estate, originally developed in 1915 when the Santa Barbara city council was convinced the earliest tin can tourists would stop for a night in their town. They were right. In 1922 automobile driving tourists with handmade camper car caravans started flocking to the campground in droves. Today, the modern AutoCamp Santa Barbara experience sits on the exact same property where it all began.
What Makes AutoCamp So

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