Get RV Education and Safety Training from the Experts

RV driving completely different than cruising in a passenger car. That’s why RV education classes make sense. They build your confidence and enjoyment of the lifestyle, and are a critical safety investment for you and your loved ones. If you haven’t taken classes yet, the RV Technical Education and Safety Conference is one place to get started.
4-Day Conference Gives Hands-On Training with RV Experts
Classes are small for hands-on learning.
Whether you own a towable, a van, truck camper or motorhome, getting into the RV lifestyle requires a learning curve. You can shorten it by registering for the RV Technical Education and Safety Conference, a four-day gathering that happens each spring in Elkhart, Indiana. This year in 2020, it’s taking place May 13-17.
Dozens of sessions cover everything about the RV lifestyle.
“To fully enjoy these vehicles it is beneficial to spend time learning about how to operate them properly and the best place to get this understanding is from the folks in the industry who create and maintain them.,� says Trey Sellman, a representative of the RV Safety & Education Foundation that runs the event.
“The conference provides attendees a unique opportunity to have extended time with RV technician trainers, industry specialists, and lifestyle authorities who will be available to teach classes and discuss personal situations one on one.�
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The conference isn’t just for newbies. It’s for everyone from the wanna-be RVer to the long-time owner who wants to improve their lifestyle knowledge. “About 40% of the attendees do not yet own an RV, new RVers and full-timer RVers all attend and each group greatly benefits from the specialized training. Many return year after year to continue their ongoing education and support the conference,� says Sellman.
A full-time RVer himself, Sellman says the RVSEF event gives attendees the best chance to

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