Wanderful Life RV Guide Book Gets Beyond the Basics

There’s more to transitioning into full-time RVing than the logistics.  To chase your wanderlust successfully, a mindshift needs to happen. A new book called “A Wanderful Life: Your Guide to RV Living� helps you do exactly that. You will learn how to wrap your head around the new lifestyle and gently ease into life on the road with less stress and more fun.
Go Beyond Logistics with Wanderful Life RV Guide Book
Get beyond hard costs and planning with this new RV guide book.
When we decide to take a leap into full-time RVing, we get so caught up on the hard costs. From researching the obvious aspects of RV trip planning, like deciding on a rig, to figuring out how to pay for the lifestyle, we focus on factors that are easily calculated and measured.
And while those practical matters are important, so is our state of mind. But few of us pay attention to it, because you can’t put a number on mental health. That’s too bad, because the nomadic life is full of uncertainty and emotional upheaval. How we handle those challenges on the road can make or break our adventure. That’s where “A Wanderful Life: Your Guide to RV Livingâ€� can help.
Barbara and Arnie took four years to research the book.
Embracing the Uncertainty of Nomadic Life
Author Barbara Wentzell Jaquith wrote this one-of-a-kind full-time RVing guide book to help travelers wrangle their emotions when coping with the transition from a traditional life to the one they dream about. She and her husband Arnie know about it from firsthand experience. They both embrace the wanderlust in their souls, but the uncertainty of chasing it down on a full-time basis left them feeling uneasy.
“Arnie and I were in our mid-sixties when we made our decision. The world was calling out to us and

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