Tips for RVing with Oxygen Therapy

The RV lifestyle is for everyone, even if you have a health condition that requires supplemental oxygen. Here’s what you need to know about RVing with oxygen therapy equipment.
What If You Need Supplemental Oxygen?
Even people who must carry oxygen can go RVing. Image: @alfcermed
Many people of all ages need supplemental oxygen therapy. Often it’s because of health issues like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia and asthma. These conditions force the body to work harder to take in oxygen obtained from ordinary breathing.
When someone is prescribed supplemental oxygen, their quality of life gets better. Sometimes the need for extra oxygen is a temporary thing, sometimes it must be used forever. However long one relies on it, the payoff is getting to enjoy a relatively normal life.
But can you go RVing with oxygen? And what’s the best way to carry the equipment on the road? Is it dangerous to carry oxygen in the RV? I wanted to find out for a friend of mine, and here’s what I discovered.
Tips for RVing with Oxygen Therapy
Yes, you can enjoy a full RVing life when you need oxygen therapy!
I’ve been on 02 for four years now and using bottles in a backpack, portable Phillips Respronic machine, and a 110v concentrator that goes to 5 lpm. The past 3 years we have camped in a 17 ft TT but have moved up to a 35 ft class A with a toad. We have spent winters and up to 7 months traveling with my 24 hour need for supplemental 02. — iRV2 Member Lihue
But the question is, how do you carry oxygen in an RV? For starters, it’s not like the old days. Forget relying solely on bulky oxygen bottles. RVers who need oxygen therapy will tell you that for everyday use, portable oxygen concentrators

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