Full Hookups Save Lives. Help Keep RV Parks Open During COVID-19.

Full-time RVers are feeling the effects of COVID-19 shelter in place laws. A new awareness campaign needs your help to keep RV parks open during the pandemic fallout.
Let Lawmakers Know RV Parks are Essential Businesses
Help keep RV parks open, contact lawmakers today.
Most states around the country have implemented shelter-in-place laws to protect the public against community spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 requirements are impacting full-time RVers who live on the road and the communities where they travel.
An estimated two million Americans live in their RVs by choice or necessity, but government leaders seem to be unaware of this demographic. And right now, thousands of full-time RVers are being forced to violate shelter-in-place laws to find a place to stay.
Under the new COVID-19 community health restrictions, RV parks and campgrounds are considered “non-essential” businesses. The new restrictions require all non-essential businesses to shut their doors.
Although implemented with good intentions, the shelter-in-place laws are creating hardship and personal safety problems for communities and thousands of RVers. With nowhere to stay, full-time RVers are hitting the road and competing for a limited number of campsites. In places where there are none, they are spilling into big box retail store parking lots and creating public health problems. And each time they move to find a new spot, full-time RVers are potentially spreading COVID-19 to new communities.
Keep RV Parks Open, Prevent COVID-19 Spread!
Do your part to prevent COVID-19 spread. Keep RV parks open!
Full-time RVers are at huge risk contracting and spreading the disease if they are forced to find new locations to stay put. As a result, the Escapees RV Club is diligently working with political and RV industry leaders to build awareness of RVers with no place to go. And now they need you.
In a news release from Friday, March

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