The Biggest Full-time RVing Drawback is a Virus

For thirteen years full-time RVing has given us so much joy and adventure. My husband and I couldn’t imagine living any other way. Through all the pros and cons of the nomad life, we never encountered one big full-time RVing drawback so powerful it altered our ability to enjoy this offbeat lifestyle. And then the pandemic happened.
A Full-Time RVing Pandemic Reality Check
The biggest full-time RVing drawback is a virus.
As my fingers tap away on the keyboard to write this, my steadfast RV-driving husband commandeers us into another state. A generous friend has offered us a full-hookup spot on her gorgeous mountain property. Knowing that we could be there a while, she insisted. And as independent and self-contained as we are, my husband and I agreed to her generous offer. We would be fools not to.
The pandemic fallout has hit the full-time RVing community hard, and we are only seeing the beginning of it. For starters, thousands of full-timers like my husband and I are competing for ever-shrinking numbers of long-term RV campsites at parks across the U.S. Also, the many RV travel resources we count on as boondockers are dwindling.
Apparently, the biggest disadvantage to full-time RVing is a global pandemic.
The UnWelcome Mat is Out
The welcome mat for full-time RVers like us has been pulled right out from underneath our feet. For example:

The list of public campground closures is getting longer by the day.
Many private RV parks are also shutting down to newcomers.
Public land boondocking access is more limited.
Dump station access is more challenging.
Small tourist towns are telling visitors to stay away, amid growing reports of sentries standing guard to keep visitors out.

The weather isn’t helping.
Following the seasons has always been one of the biggest advantages of the nomad life, but now it’s also one of the biggest full-time RVing drawbacks.

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