The Nitty Gritty of Workamping During Coronavirus

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, the joy and adventure of full-time RVing quickly exploded into non-stop panic for many of us. But one group of full-timers was sitting pretty when shelter-in-place restrictions went down. For the many workampers in America’s privately-owned RV parks, workamping during Coronavirus was the best situation any full-time RVer could imagine.
The Pandemic that Stopped RVers In Our Tracks
The Albuquerque interstate ghost town. Image: @rvswat
If anyone would have told me that after thirteen years on the road, a pandemic would stop my husband and I in our tracks, I wouldn’t have believed them. But Coronavirus affected RVers like nobody ever imagined. Nomads like myself scrambled to secure a long-term parking spot as RV park spaces disappeared overnight. Public lands boondocking wasn’t an option either. Access grew difficult because government entities closed off entire swaths of land.
Many full-timers like me were left with few options. Rumors of scattershot overnight camping spots floated around social media. For many of us, big box store parking lots or staying with friends, families and sometimes generous strangers were our only option. If only we were workamping.
The New Benefits of Workamping During a Pandemic
If you’re not familiar with workamping, you should be. It’s a popular way for many full-time RVers to reduce living expenses. The arrangement is between full-time RVers and business owners who need help with everything from RV park labor to farming. The RVer works a pre-determined number of hours each week. In exchange they get lowered rent, and sometimes wages with bonuses like free laundry.
All workamping jobs have pros and cons. But nobody ever thought one of the pros would be “a safe place to stay during a pandemic� But apparently it is, and group of workampers around the United States proves it. They recently demonstrated that

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