Has Coronavirus Changed RV Park Life?

Many RVers like me prefer wide open spaces and boondocking over full-hookups and paved parking spaces. But in a pandemic, guess where most of us headed? You guessed it, RV parks. And when we arrived, one thing was clear: coronavirus has changed RV park life, at least somewhat, depending on where you landed. This is what living in RV parks looks like right now, according to RVers from coast-to-coast.
Nomads Share Coronavirus Experiences
Are you sheltering in place at an RV park? Image: liveworkdream.com
I love dry camping on public lands, but I don’t mind heading to RV parks when the weather is too hot or too cold. Or when a pandemic strikes. After COVID-19 arrived in the U.S., the logic of sheltering in place at a commercial campground could not be argued. After all, even the most hearty boondockers must vacate their campsite occasionally for dump runs and provisions. It’s a relatively simple boondocking chore, but in a time of Coronavirus, repeated exposure to public facilities can be deadly.
When friends of ours generously offered a parking spot with full-hookups, we jumped at the chance. But most full-time RVers haven’t been as fortunate. For nomads around the country, full hookups are saving lives. Since many municipalities chose to keep RV parks open, these essential businesses really are the best option to stay safe and ride out the health crisis of the century.
Lately I’ve been thinking about how Coronavirus changed RV park life, so I turned to the helpful Xscapers community, a branch of the Escapees RV Club. What I specifically wanted to know was: what does it look like inside the parks? Are the guests handling COVID-19 hygiene recommendations any better than non-RVers? Close to 100 people responded with fascinating stories about RVing during COVID-19.
Is RV park management doing a good job with

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