The Conundrum of Coronavirus RV Travel for Full-timers

RVs are self-contained homes on wheels that take us any place we want. But just because we can, should we? The conundrum of Coronavirus RV travel is weighing heavy on the minds of all RVers, but especially full-timers like me. Hitting the road brings on a whole new set of pandemic concerns.
Thinking Before Turning the Key
Today, there’s more to think about before hitting the road.
That old song by the Clash keeps playing in my head. “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” The RVer’s mantra of “If you don’t like the neighborhood, then turn the key and leave,” now gives us reason to pause and consider the ramifications of doing so.
Many RVers aren’t waiting for the Pandemic all-clear and hitting the road now.  The wisest ones are trying to steer clear of interacting with people along the way. I’ve considered doing the same, but then I got to thinking about the What Ifs. Even if I don’t think my husband and I will interact with other campers, it’s always possible we would need to. The usual road trip necessities take on entirely new considerations:

Filling up at fueling stations means touching gas pumps, pin pads and sometimes interacting with cashiers.
Since many parks aren’t yet accepting guests, I worry about encountering too many people in the few dispersed camping areas that are open.
When we need to dump, we’ll need to visit a dump station, touched by the hands of many other campers. Wearing gloves can protect us, but they’re not foolproof
And finally, when we run out of food, we will need to go into a local grocery stores and interact with locals.

My husband and I are fortunate in that we are sheltering in place in a beautiful location on private property. Our friends invited us to stay indefinitely, but some days the

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