True Tales of Pandemic RV Parenting

Full-timing with kids is more popular than ever. For many of these families on the road in the age of Coronavirus, pandemic RV parenting is still better than living a traditional life. This is what Two Moms and a Trailer have to say about it while on the road with their two boys and two dogs.
One Family’s Story of Pandemic RV Parenting
Shay, Damien, Oliver and America are 2 Moms and a Trailer
Full-time RVing with kids isn’t as weird as it used to be. With more parents than ever who can work remotely online, young couples are traveling by RV while raising kids and pets along the way. Shay and America are one such couple from California. 
Currently traveling with Damien (age 9), Oliver (age 3), and their two dogs Emma and Penny, the duo has traveled coast-to-coast since hitting the road three years ago. They decided to do it when they realized that the rat race was running them into the ground.
The family has been on the road three years.
“For us the inspiration to begin RVing really came from life kicking us to the curb,” explains Shay. “We worked all the time …and had nothing but piles of bills, a house full of junk, zero time, stress, and debt to show for it. Everything came to a head and we had to make a choice; go under or rise up and make a change. We took a chance and chose change. We sold everything… house included and hit the road. All while pregnant with our second baby might I add! We moved into the trailer when Oliver was 2 weeks old.”
Damien and Oliver are adaptable and ready to roll.
Full-timing was the best decision they ever made, but they don’t do it without careful planning and saving. America and Shay discovered that

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