This Lightweight Camping Trailer Tows with Almost Anything

Are you one of the millions of Americans thinking about RVing this summer? If so, here’s a little lightweight camping trailer that’s ideal for anyone who wants to try this awesome lifestyle without the expense of buying a heavier tow vehicle: The Little Giant Camping Trailer. Made by Let’s Go Aero, it’s a double-duty work-and-play setup.
Tow this with nearly any vehicle that has a tow hitch.
A Big Trailer for Small Cars
Big trailers precariously pulled by little cars are a regular sight on the highway. These owners obliviously drive overloaded SUVs and light trucks down the road, unaware of the dangers of exceeding the Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio of their automobile. These are accidents waiting to happen, that could be avoided with an appropriately sized lightweight camping trailer. The adorable mini-RV is a perfect example.
For outdoor adventurers who want to own a lightweight camping trailer, but don’t have the right tow vehicle to pull one, The Little Giant Camping Trailer is an ideal choice. This ultra-light, all-in-one cargo, utility, and camping RV can be pulled by nearly any vehicle with a trailer hitch. Made by Colorado manufacturer Let’s Go Aero, it’s basically a pick-up truck bed on wheels that converts to a camping tent.
It’s a 3/4 ton truck bed that does double duty.
The ¾ ton truck bed body features a tough, weather-resistant shell, torsion axles, steel fenders and full LED lighting. It looks heavy, but with a payload capacity of 1500 pounds, a tongue weight of 30 pounds and a GVWR of 1920 pounds, this little RV is ideal for anyone who wants to try RVing without the expense of buying a heavier tow vehicle. The Tow Rating is a “1�, which means small cars can pull it on paved or unpaved roads.
Use it for everyday cargo hauling, then take it out

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