Caretaking Jobs for RVers Are on the Rise

Caretaking jobs for RVers are nothing new, these positions have been around for decades. But thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, more people than ever are in hot pursuit of caretaking as a seasonal job opportunity.
Jobs for RVers Are Still Out There
As full-time RVers my husband and I have held down a variety of seasonal jobs to make money on the road. We’ve done organic farm workamping to animal rescue volunteering, ranch work to office work. Over 14 years we have explored different ways to earn a few bucks and save money on rent. One of our favorite arrangements was property caretaking in Southern Arizona. The absentee owners needed someone to look after the property during winter and do minor maintenance. In exchange we got free rent, relatively warm weather and desert solitude.
Our winter caretaking campsite in Southern Arizona. Image:
We haven’t looked into a sweet caretaking job like that since. But then the Coronavirus hit. We needed a shelter-in-place destination, so caretaking was high on our list of potential options. But then a friend generously offered us full-hookups on their property, so we jumped at the chance to park on their land. I haven’t stopped thinking about caretaking since.
Curious about how jobs for RVers are affected by the pandemic, I reached out to Gary Dunn, owner of Caretaker Gazette. Dunn owns the 38-year old publication that matches property owners to house sitters. Aparently, I’m not the only person that thinks caretaking is a good idea.
“We started noticing an up-tick in our business in mid-March when cities started locking down and homeowners were leaving populated areas to relocate to their vacation or 2nd homes,� said Dunn. In an email interview, he explained how demand for his service is exploding in the aftermath of COVID-19. “We also heard from property owners who

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