Her Solo Alaska Road Trip Wasn’t So Crazy After All

She checked the Arctic Circle off her bucket list. All images by Hotflashpacker.com
Her Solo Alaska Road Trip Wasn’t So Crazy After All
A solo Alaska road trip sounds like a crazy idea to many women, but not Lisa Marquardt. The intrepid van dwelling nomad is passionate about traveling to far-flung places on the globe.
Thoroughly skilled in the art of solo travel, neither bears, wildfires, or bumpy roads could discourage her from taking the trip of a lifetime. After 96 countries, a little road trip to the Arctic Circle was as easy as van life camping gets for this 48-year old insurance executive.
An Alaska highway van camping adventure
For the first time in decades, Alaska Highway traffic has all but disappeared thanks to the pandemic. With the Canadian border closed to recreation travelers, Lisa Marquardt is glad she hit the road when she did. In 2019, she took eight weeks off from work to fulfill her dream to van camp on the Alaska Highway.
With little more than a Halo charger for her electronics, a copy of The Milepost directory, and word-of-mouth recommendations, the ardent traveler departed from Seattle. In total, she drove 10,761 miles for her unforgettable North Country excursion. Along the way, her Ford Transit minivan ferried her to classic Alaskan destinations like the Salmon Glacier in Hyder, Alaska, and the scenic, affordable Alaska town of Valdez.
She drove over ten thousand miles and spent less than two thousand on gas!
Many Alaska Highway RVers and road trippers obsessively plan every detail of their adventure, but Lisa did the opposite.
“I literally just went where I wanted to go,� she explained. “I had a couple of bookings the first three days of the trip and then nothing after that.�
After deciding on a few bucket list Alaska destinations like the Arctic Circle and Denali National Park,

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