Finally, Unrestricted Internet Access For RVers

Finally, Unrestricted Internet Access For RVers
Living and working on the road has tons of benefits. Unrestricted internet access for RVers usually isn’t one of them. Getting online to work and play on the web has always been challenging and expensive for RVers like myself, until now. A new cellular broadband plan with unlimited, unthrottled data for $99 a month is making getting online easier for full-time and part-time RVers, even when camping in remote locations.
The Internet keeps our wheels turning
When my husband and I hit the road in 2007, cellular broadband coverage was poor outside of major cities. Knowing that we wanted to work and go RVing, we purchased a roof-top mounted, automatically deploying mobile satellite Internet system to get us online. The hardware and data plans weren’t cheap, but it was the only way we could reliably connect to the web and work from the remote, off-grid locations we love.
Since then, cellular broadband coverage has improved in rural areas and we rely on our dish less than before. But as working wanderers know, Internet connectivity for nomads still has issues. For example, if you camp in a rural location near crowds or on busy holiday weekends, local cellular towers quickly become overloaded and connections are painfully slow. When you do get online, your so-called “unlimited� data usage is automatically throttled down once you’ve exceeded your plan’s monthly limit.
Many full-time RVers use multiple cellular broadband providers for redundant Internet connectivity. It’s expensive, and a hassle to roll over from plan to plan. This is why my husband and I still rely on our second satellite Internet system, the RV Datasat 840, as a backup method.
Since we often camp outside of broadband coverage to get away from crowds, our system comes in handy. The dish has even been deployed in big

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