Pros & Cons Of Camper Vans And Class C RV Rentals

Pros & Cons Of Camper Vans And Class C RV Rentals
RV rentals make sense if the nomad lifestyle is calling your name. But the pros and cons of camper vans and Class C RV rentals—the two most common types of RVs you can book—can be overwhelming if you’re in unfamiliar territory. Here’s a closer look that can help you decide and get on the road with confidence.
When searching for RV rentals, you’ll find plenty of small to mid-size RVs like camper vans and Class C RV rentals. Their small footprint makes it easy for RV newbies to jump into the lifestyle. They often have better fuel efficiency than a Class A motorhome, driving and maneuvering is easier for a novice behind the wheel, and campsite location choices are greater too. Campervans and Class C motorhomes let you go more places, with less money and hassle than bigger RVs.
But as the saying goes, there’s always a catch. Book RV rentals without examining the pros and cons of the unit you picked out, and you may hate RVing forever. Here’s how to take the RV road trip of your dreams by choosing the best RV rental for your needs.
Camper van rentals
Camper vans and I go way back to my first taste of RVing. That’s when I owned a vintage 1973 Volkswagen Westfalia. I loved the convenience of driving a “micro motorhome,â€� without the RV parking hassles or cost of ownership. The little Westie had a bed, tiny kitchen with cooktop and refrigerator, and a little storage. It also had a pop-up rooftop tent that made it feel bigger than it actually was. These conveniences were great but modern camper van rentals make my van look positively prehistoric.
Modern camper vans not only have all the basic amenities built into my Westie, but now

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