Santa Fe RV Parks In The Heart Of Enchantment

Santa Fe RV Parks In The Heart Of Enchantment
For many people, myself included, Northern New Mexico is the spiritual, artistic, and culinary hub of the Southwest. Over the years I’ve found that RV travels to the land of enchantment are never disappointing. Staying at Santa Fe RV parks we’ve found on Campground Reviews is the best way to experience the oldest capital city in North America.
RVing to the Land of Enchantment, Northern New Mexico
There’s a reason why it’s known as the Land of Enchantment. Go RVing through New Mexico and you’ll quickly discover it’s also a land of contrasts. From the flat, scrubby Chihuahuan desert in the South, to the piney, mountainous forests blanketing the upper half of the state, the variety of terrain and scenery is mind-boggling.
If you visit in winter, stay south of Albuquerque where snowbirds gather. But if your RV trips to New Mexico happen in summer, head north on Interstate 25 to explore the northern half of the state. That’s where cooler temperatures prevail and Santa Fe’s colorful scene awaits.
Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. Image: Tourism Santa Fe
My own RV trips have taken me in and around the city more times than I can count. Being a budget-minded traveler, I’ve discovered plenty of excellent RV camping near Santa Fe, like at Cochiti Pueblo, or in the Black Canyon National Forest campground north of town. I love that these campgrounds are quiet, spacious, and beautiful. But they’re not in Santa Fe.
Santa Fe RV parks give an insider’s experience
Although urban camping isn’t always my thing, reserving a campsite at Santa Fe, New Mexico RV parks is worth the money. When I want to feel the energy and history of the capital city, I stay as close to town as possible to enjoy an insider’s experience.
Downtown Santa Fe

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