Florida Singles RV Park Makes For One Happy Family

Florida Singles RV Park Makes For One Happy Family
If you’ve been RVing a while, you know that in general RVing is a couple’s scene. But at one Florida singles RV park, solo nomads seem to be having all the fun.
“We are a friendly, close-knit family who watches out for and takes care of its residents and guests alike,” says Melody Peckham, Community Association Manager at Florilow Oaks RV Park in Bushnell, Florida.
The park started in 1984 when six people who happened to be members of the Loners on Wheels (LOWs) club decided they wanted a home-base RV park for winter. But the LOWs didn’t have enough resources to buy the lush, treed property. That’s when a group of shareholders stepped in to build this unique 55-plus RV park for singles.
Florilow Oaks Singles RV Park caters to solo nomads (but welcomes everyone)
Many LOWs still call the park home. Today, a nine-person board of directors oversees the park. Each year, three directors are voted on to replace members coming off of the Board. Shareholders can buy into the park by purchasing an RV lot. The Park Manager and the Board of Directors oversee that the Rules & Policies are being followed, explains Peckham. 
“We were formed as a singles RV park and therefore to become a Shareholder you must be single,” she says. As of 2020, Florilow Oaks has 78 shareholder sites owned by permanent residents, 22 sites that are leased, 17 sites rented on an annual basis, and 30 sites are open for seasonal/monthly/weekly/daily RVers who only want to stay at the park. “Just this past year we opened up five sites that have water and electric only,” Peckman says.
You don’t have to be single to have fun at this RV park, but it helps!
The singles RV park does welcome every

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