Living, Loving, & Full-Time RVing While Caregiving

Living, Loving, & Full-Time RVing While Caregiving
When Patrick Lang found a new life through sobriety, he had no idea that the road ahead would include full-time RVing while caregiving for his wife, Colleen. Today, the Wisconsin couple is currently roaming across North America. Wherever they roll, this dynamic duo is showing people it’s possible to enjoy nomadic travel while managing a life-altering medical condition.
A diagnosis like Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) would stop many people in their tracks. But the Langs aren’t like other people. Instead, they decided to explore the country for as long as they could with their two dogs.
“It just felt like the right thing to do,� recalls Patrick. While the progressive, degenerative, and often fatal genetic disease slowly robbed Colleen of her ability to speak or walk, they went full-speed ahead and made plans for full-time RVing.
“Although Colleen was getting the help she needed, something was missing,� Patrick writes in their blog, Living on Life’s Terms. “In August of 2018, we decided to make the biggest decision of our lives. We decided to sell our house and almost everything we owned so we could travel.�
Their last camping trip was fifteen years prior, but a lack of RV experience didn’t stop them. “We knew we had a limited amount of time to do what we’re doing. We do it now or we don’t do it,â€� Patrick said.
Finding a wheelchair-friendly RV
He reached out to Dune Sport in Arizona, an RV manufacturer building custom toy haulers. Then he worked with the company to create an affordable, wheelchair-friendly RV that would accommodate Colleen’s mobility challenges, yet feel like home. For the finale, Dune Sport painted custom graphics that depict the couple’s philosophy of life.
Dune Sport made their adaptive toy hauler. Image: Patrick Lang
“If there is one word that encompasses what we strive

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