Stress Less Camping Teaches RV Newbies

Stress Less Camping Teaches RV Newbies
RVing is fun as it looks, but as any experienced RVer knows, there’s a learning curve. Tony and Peggy of Stress Less Camping want to shorten it for the thousands of new RV buyers hitting the road.
“RVing is in our blood, you could say,” says Tony Barthel. He and his wife Peggy come from camping and RVing families. “Peggy has literally been camping her whole life, starting with having been conceived in a campground,” Tony jokes.
The self-proclaimed RV nerd says his love for the lifestyle also started young. It began when he attended the Los Angeles County Fair as a kid. His parents were dismayed that he would rather tour the RVs than go on the rides. 
Stress Less Camping 
Today, the Northern California couple publishes The resource is for all RVers, but geared toward newbies just getting into the lifestyle.
After decades working in the RV industry for Alfa Liesure and Redwood Empire RV in Northern California, the couple brings their knowledge to the web with a podcast, blog,  workshops, and a robust social media presence packed with helpful RVing tips. As a way to share their insider industry knowledge with ordinary people, they give newbies a head start on the learning curve of RVing.
The Barthels have a lifelong love affair with RVing.
RVing has been around for generations. But Tony says an entirely new audience is learning the ropes. Some newbies will learn RVing through educational resources like Stress Less Camping. Some will learn through the school of hard knocks.
The Barthels know that the easier path leads to a love affair with the lifestyle. “There are so many aspects to the RV lifestyle that can be challenging for new RVers and turning those experiences around is what we’re all about,” says Tony.
For example, many new RVers

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