Wildfire Evacuation Tips From Creek Fire Workamper Heroes

Wildfire Evacuation Tips From Creek Fire Workamper Heroes
Nobody ever expects to end an RV trip by fleeing a natural disaster. But these wildfire campground evacuation tips from two workamper heroes can save your life if the worst-case scenario happens during your next adventure.
The Creek Fire in California
It was a busy summer managing the Dorabelle Campground on the shores of Camp Edison in Shaver Lake, California. By September, workampers Bert and Lupe felt they could handle any situation. “We had finally figured out how to deal with all the issues with campers, handle our work load and not wear ourselves out working 10 hours days,� said Bert in an email interview.
Fully prepared for a busy Labor Day weekend, the couple saw ash falling from the sky on Friday morning. They immediately knew something was wrong and would soon learn the Creek Fire was exploding less than five miles away. Then, their camp host skills got put to the test to direct an evacuation of the busy campground.
“On Friday September 4th, we started seeing a lot of ash in the morning, all over everything in our campsite. Saturday morning about 6:30 a.m. I noticed it was even worse, and we found out there was a fire close-by that had started overnight on Friday. Lupe, who was in the office that morning, started giving 15-minute reports over the walkie-talkies for us to share with campers.�
Preparing for a wildfire evacuation
Their nearest supervisor was twenty miles away at Huntington Lake. He informed Bert and Lupe that a mandatory evacuation was happening in that area, and they should contact the local sheriff’s office for wildfire evacuation tips and procedures.
Lupe and Bert managed the Dorabelle Campground on Shaver Lake. 
In preparation for the worst, Bert downloaded an app called Everbridge. This free app is designed to work under

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