Canadian Snowbirds Brace For Cold Winter Season

Canadian Snowbirds Brace For Cold Winter Season
U.S. and Canadian customs officials recently extended the vehicle border crossing closure several more weeks to at least October 21. Experts believe the travel restrictions will continue until COVID-19 infection rates in the U.S. decrease to an acceptable level.
Meanwhile, Canada and the U.S. are preventing all but non-essential vehicle traffic from crossing between the two nations. To the disappointment of Canadian snowbirds, RVing south for winter is not considered essential.
“Afraid to think about winter, haven’t been here for at least 30 years. Hope there won’t be any snow,” reports Dagmar Lauber of Penticton, British Columbia.
This year, Canadian snowbirds like Lauber who normally take their homes with them are hunkering down for the long season. While most will stay home, many of Canada’s full-time RVers are flocking to Lauber’s region, located in Canada’s warmest winter province, British Columbia.
Valeria Frech, a northerner who usually winters in Southern California, is prepping for the shift. “We need some warm clothes, haven’t been in winter weather since 1973.”
Frech, along with at least 50,000 other Canadian snowbirds who typically pack up their RV and move south for winter, are bracing for a cold winter season in their home countries.
Where are full-time Canadian snowbirds going this winter?
When surveyed in a Facebook group for Canadian snowbirds who winter at Fountain of Youth in Southern California, those with a permanent stick home appear to be taking the forced change in stride.
“Walter and I will be enjoying a Canadian winter at home on Vancouver Island. We will NOT travel to any country where there is a disregard to advice from medical professionals,� says British Columbia resident Ferne Gurka.
However, residents of easterly colder provinces aren’t as enthusiastic about staying put. “We are staying home in Alberta and going to freeze,� says Carol Anderson. Her Saskatchewan

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