3 RV Costs That Might Surprise You

3 RV Costs That Might Surprise You
Most of us go into RV ownership knowing that it costs money to maintain a rig. But these three common RV costs might catch you by surprise if you’re unprepared.
1. RV depreciation
New RVs are the best feeling. I know, because I once bought a new one. And even though I purchased a four-season Arctic Fox by Northwood, my fifth wheel’s depreciation took me by surprise when we sold it.
“The larger the camper, the more quickly it depreciates,â€� according to the experts at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). In their helpful article “How Much Do Campers Depreciate,â€� they give a rundown of the truth about RV depreciation.
For instance, did you know that RV class type is one of the biggest factors that influence how much money you will lose on your RV? “On average, fifth-wheels have the most rapid depreciation, followed closely by Class A and Class B vehicles,� they explain.
For example:

Class A RVs drop the fastest. RV coaches sink 30% in value over three years.
Class C RVs depreciate a little more slowly. Motorhome values drop about 38% over five years.
Travel trailers hold a better value. Trailer depreciation is roughly 40% over five years.
Fifth wheels tank the fastest. They shed 45% in value over five years.

How to avoid major RV depreciation
Unfortunately, if you buy a new RV, expect your rig to lose about 20 percent of value the minute you drive it off the dealer’s lot. If that type of RV depreciation is a major dealbreaker for you, let someone else suffer the RV depreciation blues. Consider buying a slightly used model instead. Learn more about 5 Things Making Your RV Lose Value in this Do It Yourself RV article.
2. Unexpected major RV damage 
A good RV maintenance schedule can keep your RV like-new for many

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