Can You Still Go RVing Without Camping Reservations?

Can You Still Go RVing Without Camping Reservations?
COVID has made the nomadic lifestyle more popular than ever before. As a result, many long-time RVers believe that it’s now impossible to go RVing without camping reservations ahead of time.
But is it really? If you’re willing to think outside the box, I believe that you can still travel spontaneously around North America. 
The line between “peak season� and “off-season� no longer exists at RV parks and campgrounds thanks to the pandemic. With so many people working and roadschooling remotely, the endless summer vibe blurs into winter. Most RV parks still shut down in cold northern climates.
But when new full-time RVers chase warmer winter weather, expect crowds wherever you roam. You can still enjoy a spontaneous RVing lifestyle without camping reservations. Just follow some common sense travel tips.
Be flexible about your destination
North America has plenty of bucket list RV destinations wherever you roam. But most people still gravitate to the most popular camping areas like national parks or sunny Florida in January. The key to avoiding insane crowds and going RVing without camping reservations is to stop thinking like everyone else.
Don’t have your heart set on camping inside places like national parks, or near a popular theme park, and you won’t be disappointed. For the most choices of places to stay, focus your search on scenic camping spots on the fringe of popular destinations. You can often stay within easy driving distance of popular destinations, for a lower price with fewer crowds and more hospitality.
Go remote camping on weekends and holidays
More people are working remotely than ever before, but their need to escape somewhere on weekends and holidays still exists. Most RVers have the same idea. Don’t try to head to popular destinations at those times or you are guaranteed to be annoyed.
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