2 Big RV Mistakes You Might Be Making

This mistake can cost you your life! (Image: LiveWorkDream.com)
2 Big RV Mistakes You Might Be Making
It doesn’t matter if you bought your RV to join the thousands of new full-time RV nomads who hit the road this year. Or, if you just want to be a weekend camping warrior. These two big RV rookie mistakes are made by nearly all RVers. Here are the two dumbest RVing errors we made that could have cost us our lives.
RV mistake #1: RVing without roadside assistance.
We bought our first fifth wheel in 2008. Our goal was to enjoy a one-year road trip with our dog who had terminal cancer. But the adventure became a journey with no ending. Although our dog passed on, we are still traveling thirteen years later, and have no plans to quit. Looking back, I cannot believe that we spent our first few years on the road without a roadside assistance plan. Don’t ask me why, I can’t even tell you.
But someone was looking out for us, because nothing terrible happened on our travels during that time. Then one day after a friend’s RV roadside calamity, we woke up to the fact that we were pushing our luck. We enrolled in a popular RV roadside assistance plan and guess what? About six months later, that small annual RV expense paid for itself.
Roadside assistance can save your life—and your RV
We had our first RV tire blowout on Highway 50, the Loneliest Highway in Nevada. Thankfully we had cellular service and could reach out for help, which arrived in less than one hour. A second blowout happened a few years later on Interstate 25. The RV roadside assistance driver came to our rescue, instead of forcing my husband to put his life on the line to change a tire on the

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