Winter RVing Tips From Experienced Snowbirds

Cold weather camping can be fun! (Image: @buskipper, iRV2 Forums)
Winter RVing Tips From Experienced Snowbirds
Some RV snowbirds flock to snow, not away from it. In these winter RVing tips, these experts show that RVing in cold temperatures is an art that anyone can master. Here’s how.
You don’t need an expensive RV with heated basements, or a lot of money to tackle a cold-weather RV camping experience. All you need to make it through winter is a willingness to learn the capabilities and limitations of your own RV before getting caught in freezing weather.
You’ll need to understand your RV systems, experiment with different types of cold weather insulation, and talk with others who’ve been there, done that. To get you started, these experienced winter RVers offer their best winter camping tips to keep you and your RV safe when temperatures drop. 
Use a heated RV water hose
Water hoses freeze fast without extra precautions. In this iRV2 Winter Camping Thread, senior forums member @FatChance shares ten critical winter camping tips. Based on his experience in his 2004 Newmar Mountain Aire 4016, 400ISL, he recommends (among many other great tips) using a heated water hose, heat tape, and a “Thermocube” Outlet:
A Camco “Freeze Ban” heated water hose and heat tape on the metal pipe on the fresh water spigot. I power them off the power pedestal using a Thermocube outlet (turns on when it gets down to 35* and off when it gets up to 45*). I also put an orange Home Depot bucket over the spigot to keep the electrics dry and to hold in a little heat over the spigot. So far, this has worked to keep the water flowing even when it gets down into the teens. In single digits, I turn off the water as a precaution and use the water

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